Five Star Fitness Mission:
To provide a positive, compelling and consistent health and wellness lifestyle experience for everyone who comes into contact with our business.

From the five points of a star, the philosophy of Five Star Fitness is to help our clients attain maximum results in their physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual aspects of life through well balanced and challenging fitness and health & wellness programs.

To achieve your goals, our team of personable and accredited fitness professionals will guide you through the five points of balance, by way of strength training, nutrition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and rest & recovery.

Utilizing an established network of resources spanning most fitness-related subjects and services, our team is committed to you and will provide a supportive atmosphere with effective individualized designs for exercise and lifestyle fitness that separates Five Star Fitness from unhealthy fads.

It's time for each and every one of you to reach for the stars and get the results you want!

Our Goal
For Five Star Fitness, as a company, it is our truest intention to roll out the most enlivening model of energy and performance the fitness industry has ever seen. And we'll be pumping ‘er up with fun… remember being a kid and laughing so hard that your belly ached? We're talking about wholesome hardcore joy to be alive, energized, and raring to find out what's next around the bend! So jump aboard and buckle up because things are just getting started here at Five Star Fitness!!…

Five Star Fitness, LLC is a privately owned and operated personal health and wellness company based out of The Bay Area in Northern California.

647 Irwin Street, Suite D
San Rafael, California 94901

415.459.STAR (7827)


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