For the fitness minded individual who expects more from their club...

  • We offer a brand-new 4500 square foot facility with plenty of free parking.

  • State of the art, high-end Cardio equipment (Matrix, Concept II, LeMond) and Strength equipment (Matrix, Atlantis, Hoist, Vectra, Hampton), along with free weights, plenty of funtional fitness tools, and more comprise our facility.

  • We have incorporated special New Leaf fitness testing software geared toward each individuals fitness use and potential.

  • We have a one-on-one training room...think quiet, focused one-on-one education on how together we can improve your current fitness level and help you reach your long-term goals.

  • We are a Green or Environmentally Conscious Facility, paying close attention to not only how we can contribute to the improving the health of our members but also our improving our environment! Recycled products, Energy Efficient Appliances, HVAC, Lighting and Motion Sensors, and Water Control Devices are used throughout the facility.

  • We utilize bacterial safeguard facility treatments through Swisher Hygiene, anti-bacterial materials are provided throughout the gym (non-harmful), and a outside daily cleaning team keeps the facility in tip-top shape.

  • Our Personal Wellness Environment incorporates air purification inside the facility, purified water (drinking as well as showering), body energizers, and an assortment of other NIKKEN products. NIKKEN offers Personal Wellness Products that you can utilize at home or the office, ask us for more information.

  • We offer a Secure Internet Computer Kiosk. You can also charge your cell phone, PDA or iPod, when needed.
On top of all this, we are a full-service facility with a tenured, certified and friendly staff.

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