Personal goals are as unique as the individuals who dream them. At Five Star Fitness, we strive to enhance our clients' overall health and confidence. With that in mind, your goals are our goals…


Strength Training
Whether you're an elite athlete built for speed and looking for more, an active and newly informed ‘Mommy-to-be' carrying precious cargo, or a "weekend warrior" in need of re-energizing after recent down time, we've got you covered!

Enhance your power and strengthen your frame. No matter what level your fitness gauge reads, strength training provides numerous benefits to all who participate regularly. Whether male or female, child, adult, or senior, there's much to be gained in souping-up your fitness repertoire with a healthy addition of strength training.

Some of the benefits of strength training include:
  • Increased bone density– Helps in the prevention of osteoporosis in women and seniors
  • Increased strength, muscular endurance and muscle mass
  • Improved athletic performance- for the athlete as well as the weekend warrior.
  • Helps control weight and body make-up(Lean body mass vs. body fat)
  • Regulated metabolic rates
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Lowered cholesterol
Our crew of expert Bio-Mechanics™ build your individual training design according to your current fitness level and goals. Afterwards, they'll support you all along the way with a genuine enthusiastic concern for you. Its hard to say who'll be more excited as you reach your goals!

We offer Performance Packages for all makes and models:
  • General Fitness
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Competitive Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition
  • Perinatal Fitness
  • Mature Adults
  • Sports/Coordination for Youths
In addition to our array of customized programs, we offer many location or venue options:
  • Five Star Fitness affiliated centers
  • In-Home*
  • Your facility*
  • Outdoor circuits*
*Additional fees may apply

Sports Performance Enhancement
Want to put some lift in your vertical leap so you can crash the boards with authority? Are you in hot pursuit of pumping up your speed and agility to gain that extra edge on your opponents? We are more than happy to help you push your performance output into overdrive!

Tired of eating your opponent's dust instead of savoring the sweet taste of victory? Are you finding it more and more difficult to go the distance, or worse yet even get out of the blocks? From a casual round of golf to hard hitting smash-mouth football, who wants to be number two?

Whether it be the need for speed and agility to cross the finish line faster, explosive power to hit harder or farther, or improved balance and coordination to take your game to the next level of performance Five Star Fitness can help you accelerate your efforts.

Our expert Bio-Mechanics™ take the time to listen and understand your goals. We'll consider your body style and determine natural strengths, current capabilities and output. After this thorough inspection "under the hood", we will come to an agreement on areas for improvement and develop the customized plan geared to take your game to new heights. We have a deep toolbox of training programs and techniques designed to pull performance levels from you that'll have 'em wearing out the replay button!

Sport Enhancement Programs offered among others, include the following:

  • Baseball/Softball– focus on wrist, forearm, and shoulder strengthening, full lower body strengthening and improved trunk rotation, and more...take 'em to the fence!
  • Basketball– focus on increased vertical leaping, improved quickness, agility and overall endurance, and more...take 'em to the hoops!
  • Biking– focus on improved lower body and core strength and power, increased overall physical endurance, balance, agility and more...take 'em to the finish!
  • Football– focus on overall strength gains, speed and endurance for all positions, position- specific components, and more...take 'em to the end zone!
  • Golf– focus on flexibility, core stability and balance, and increased overall strength, and more...take 'em to the greens!
  • Tennis & Other Racquet Sports– focus on shoulder strengthening and flexibility, improved trunk rotation and stability, agility drills, improving overall endurance, and more...take 'em to the line!
  • Volleyball– focus on increased vertical leaping, improved quickness, agility, overall balance, and more...take 'em to net!
Before you know it, you'll be kicking it into high gear with more confidence than ever. Will they ever be surprised! At Five Star Fitness, we call it our "Shock & Strut System." Now you're a finely tuned machine. Take it to the limit. Take 'em to the cleaners... Get there faster™!

Diet & Nutritional Counseling
Spare tire? A little too much ‘junk in your trunk'? Be it slimmer lines, super energy, a bolstered immune system, or more power that you're in pursuit of, remember, you are what you eat. We'll help you dial it in…"drive through, please!"

Does your body have the lines, curves, and contours you're looking for? Do you find your motor roaring with pedal-to-the-metal energy or are you spinning your wheels? Worse yet, do you seem to be in reverse?!! The quality, quantity, and frequency of nutrient intake you select to fuel your body determine to a great degree what subsequent shape and performance you can expect from your body in return. What are you putting in your tank?

Healthy nutritional habits have been shown to support and enhance most all processes of the body including:
  • Mental Acuity
  • Bone Density
  • Energy
  • Muscle Tone
  • Immune System Functions
  • Hormonal Functions
  • Weight Management
  • Organ Functions
  • Skin Tone & Complexion
Steer clear of the fads. They're just that. At Five Star Fitness, we're here to help you develop your very own highly personalized "Fuel Injection Program" based on science and support for long term results. Our Fuel Specialists™ make it easier with:
  • Educational and Enlightening Consultations
  • Suggested & Formatted Menu Ideas
  • Frequent and varied "Field Trips" including Grocery Store Tours
  • Frequent Progress Reports and Feedback
  • Weight Maintenance/Goal Sustaining Strategies & Support Materials
  • Up-to-Date Nutritional Information & Developmental Advisories
  • On-going Friendly & Empowering Support
Our programs are completely confidential and non-intimidating. We take this very seriously but keep it fun. That's our job, serious and enjoyable results!

Cardio Fitness Training
Is your weekly grind feeling like an endless road? Put some distance between yourself and the rest of the pack. We have the cardio know-how to boost your horsepower and mileage…breathe easy!

Want to improve your air intake? Are your valves presently working double-time? Whether you're gearing up for a road race, the ‘rat race', or enhanced general health and vitality for the long haul, we can help you improve your performance and cardiovascular (cardiorespiratory) fitness levels.

Regularly scheduled sessions of cardiovascular exercise, performed at the appropriate frequency, duration, and intensity, have been shown to yield many desirable and life-enhancing benefits including:
  • Improved Performance of Heart & Lungs
  • Increased Overall Energy
  • Improved Stamina & Sports Performance
  • Decreased Body Fat Levels
  • Increased Lean Body Tissue
  • Prevention of Osteoporosis
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  • Reduced Risk of Some Forms of Cancer
  • Increased Life Span Expectancy
Across the street or across the finish line, take the term ‘Air Bag' out of your dash. Get more "Get up and Go" with Five Star Fitness!

Flexibility Training
Is your handling a little too tight? In a roadside test, could you touch your nose but not your toes? High stress levels, inactivity, structural imbalances, and other factors can result in discomfort and restricted range of motion. We can help. Now, take a deep breath and go to your "Happy Place"………Five Star Fitness!

Does your body seem rusty? Do tight muscles and lack of mobility have you feeling like a wreck? Flexibility training could be just the answer. At Five Star Fitness, we'll help return your body's balance and alignment.

Our Bio-Mechanics™ perform a detailed structural inspection including assessment of your posture, stance and weight distribution, gate, and functional range of motion.

Analyzing the collected data and utilizing our network of specialists as necessary, our Bio-Mechanics™ then create an ideal comprehensive and personalized program for you.

Supplying practical input such as scheduling, time availability, and other lifestyle factors, you collectively fine-tune the program. Your final design application is then ready to be put into action.

Designs may incorporate among others, the following beneficial elements:
  • Explanation/Demonstration of Safe Muscular Stretching Technique– including specific applications for home & office
  • Assisted Muscular Stretching Sessions– allowing deeper relaxation & safely increased range of motion (ROM)
  • Yoga & Pilates– a fluid blend of mind and muscle
  • Massage Therapy– increasing circulation & fascilitating muscular release
  • Explanation/Demonstration of Safe Muscular Stretching Technique– including specific applications for home & office
  • Meditation– clearing stress & refocusing energy stores
  • Orthopedic– attending to structural issues of the body
  • Chiropractic– assuring an open highway for neurological impulses

Adding a small fitness facility or exercise room? Do your employees need a place to exercise, keeping their energy level cranked and their minds sharp? When equipping your space, it's all about the options! We'll help you make the most of that with which you are working. Be it an economy, midsize, or luxury project, give us the parameters and we'll do the rest. We maximize the key points you've established as the most desirable and hit the proverbial pavement to track down the best of the best, deals, décor, and equipment. Wham! It's done. Now step in, "Ah, smell that new-you-smell…"Are you thinking of adding an on-site "body shop" for your home or workplace? Do your tastes run AM of FM? Classical, Pop, or Rock and Roll? Whether you prefer Pilates or Power lifting, switch your preset buttons to Five Star Fitness! We're tuned in to the health and fitness industry and have the connections to get you hooked up. So, no matter if you're the first or the one-hundred and first caller today, everyone's a winner when you dial (415) 459-7827!! Here's what you will get..

Education, recommendations, and arrangements made to take out the guesswork and optimize your space and budget covering the following considerations and more:
  • Layouts & Construction
  • Equipment
  • Flooring
  • Audio\Visual Systems
  • Other Electronics (Security, etc)
  • Lighting
  • Color & Decor
  • Refreshments, Aromatherapy, Music & Details, Details, Details!
We're cruise control for your life. Put your faith in us and your worries to rest. We'll get you there with fewer road blocks and no lemons! A personal or corporate fitness facility can be a big bonus in anyone's fitness program. Make the most of it..

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